Want a piece of the $3.8 trillion-dollar action?
You are a start up and so are we. (We just started a bit earlier in 1983). And we still maintain our dynamism for start ups a little younger than ours that want a piece of the $3.8 trillion German market.
When you are ready to profit there, Rueter Partner is ready to help with German….


  • Payroll and HR Services;
  • Accounting;
  • Cash and Payment Handling;
  • Tax Compliance;
  • All relevant Tax Filings;
  • Tax Structuring, especially consulting on Transfer Pricing;
  • Support with Tax Audits, and
  • Dispute Resolution with the German Revenue Service…


… based on years of experience to help you succeed.

Whether you have just one or two employees, are a “Unicorn,” or are becoming a household name with listings on world stock exchanges, we provide:


  • Speedy response times;
  • Close working relationships; and
  • Easy approachability.


In the US, you will also benefit from our ties to local law firms, banks and other specialists who work in international environments … with specially negotiated rates from longstanding agreements.


In our disconnected, impersonal world, we focus on creating connections and close relationships built on mutual trust… an Old-World value that still resonates in the New. In fact, past clients starting new ventures often return to us using their same trusted, knowledgeable Rueter teams.


Let’s explore how your start-up will profit from our unique combination of traditional values with established networks of partner firms plus modern innovative strategies and technologies. Please call us today.

Joerg Kemkes, USA Director

101 Montgomery Street, Suite 2050   San Francisco, CA 94104
Tel: 415 248 7815