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Rüter und Partner provides additional value in every respect: exceptional expertise, more flexibility, excellent qualification, internationaly present and not at least with a focus on the client.



Rüter & Partner is in a class of its own thanks to our outstanding expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience in all areas of German tax law. The continuous professional development of all our employees and partners is vital in ensuring that our clients always receive the highest quality consulting services, even with hundreds of changes in tax legislation every year. With our global network and from our office in San Francisco, we guarantee premium-quality consulting services around the world. Whether you are a German subsidiary, a branch office, or an office of a multinational company in Germany, you benefit from a package of comprehensive services from a single source.

  • Bodo Rüter

    Partner, München

    • Jörg Kemkes

      Partner, San Francisco (USA)


      • Thomas Sagasser

        Partner, München


        • Martin Huber

          Partner, München

          Steuerberater, Fachberater für int.  Steuerrecht

          • Hajo Neupert

            Partner, München

            Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht, Steuerberater

            Service Portfolio

            For us, no client is too small – or too big

            Whether you need help with your German tax return as a private individual or whether you are looking for someone to handle your payroll accounting for more than 1,000 employees,
            Rüter & Partner makes sure that all our clients are in the best hands in the business.

            You can rest assured that nothing gets overlooked while you focus all your energies on your core business. Rüter & Partner will handle your annual German tax declaration obligations and is happy to provide you with any event-specific consulting needs:

            • gift or inheritance taxes;
            • succession consulting;
            • simple declarations;
            • tax structuring — with comprehensive support both during the drafting and the execution phases;
            • VAT issues; and
            • full compliance requirements.

            We will handle all correspondence with the German Internal Revenue service and other public authorities on your behalf. We will also file all necessary tax returns and applications, and will protect your rights by filing any needed appeals on time.

            Under us, your tax burden becomes a manageable event. We take the time to show you what refunds to expect and what economically sensible steps to take to minimize your tax obligations.

            Based on your wishes and requirements, we will personalize our services to dovetail with your individual needs. Our range of support extends from small-scale to comprehensive services.

            We also handle all company registrations and registrations with government agencies and public authorities within the scope of the German Tax Consulting Act.

            In addition, you get from us decades of experience with a huge range of industries and structures, most notably:

            • with subsidiaries of multinational corporations;
            • the hotel and restaurant industry;
            • closed-end real estate funds with complex international shareholding structures;
            • family offices; and
            • the IT sector.

            Besides the legal obligation of keeping company records, business accounting is an essential tool for corporate management. That is why we will handle not only your financial accounting, but will actively provide our expertise in seamlessly recording all business transactions and in developing easy-to-understand analysis presentations … all to give you a valid financial basis for your corporate decision-making processes.

            Letting us handle your financial accounting will translate into numerous advantages for your company. For example, you will save considerable expense on software and hardware, human resources, office equipment, and much more. In addition, you will benefit from our experience and professionalism, from transferring liability to us, and from our interdisciplinary skills.

            By choosing Rüter & Partner you will be hiring consultants who will actively support the development of your company.

            For your benefit, our firm uses the DATEV system, a software solution for German CPA firms that handles almost all tasks from accounting, payroll and tax filings to economic consulting and more.

            In addition to conventionally preparing your accounting reports, we can also process your accounting transactions right on your in-house system via remote access or other technical solutions. Here we can provide our rich experience with numerous conventional accounting systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle, Intacct, NetSuite, etc.) to best serve your needs.

            Service components

            • The DATEV Unternehmen online accounting system (with digital paperless accounting on request), receivables and collections management (receivables and payables);
            • Maintaining an ‘outstanding items list’ for both our customers and their suppliers;
            • Dunning;
            • Operational analyses;
            • Processing and clearing of all payment transactions;
            • Set-up and maintenance, plus processing and clearing of payment transactions via trust accounts, if necessary;
            • permanent extensions of deadlines; and
            • Ongoing care and development of capital assets.

            We handle payroll accounting for companies having a staff of between one and several hundred employees. Here, we support our clients even in collecting and administering their HR data.

            For special-case assessments such as payroll journals or reports to the German Revenue Service and the German Social Security Administration, the employer has a choice of posting lists as well as payment media. We manage all of the client’s necessary documents for potential tax and Social Security audits. On request we will also be glad to advise you on stock options, stock savings plans, assigning staff abroad, or separate salary taxation.

            Whether by email, as a download, or by postal mail — our clients can decide in what manner and scope they wish to receive their payroll documentation and evaluations. Per the client’s request, a ‘digital HR file’ allows the easy, fast and secure online exchange of documents such as employment contracts or university enrollment certificates when needed for payroll accounting.

            Enterprises in the restaurant, hotel, construction and meat industries particularly are faced with special payroll accounting requirements and have to observe additional duties under German Social Security law. With our proven expertise, we provide highly experienced, professional and non-bureaucratic support in these industries.

            Thanks to our decades of support to the German subsidiaries, branch offices or representations of multinational companies, we can provide our clients with specially seasoned and professional support in all areas and variations of payroll accounting. We are proud to offer the entire spectrum of services – from handling NREs (non-registered entities) that only requires registering for Social-Security purposes all the way to the accounting of stock options and overseas employment assignments by multinational corporations.

            Service components

            • Determining the best-possible methods for wage and salary payments;
            • Providing ongoing payroll accounting;
            • Transmitting correct data to German Internal Revenue offices, banks, and health insurance companies;
            • Calculating vacation pay, holiday pay and sick pay;
            • Settling overtime payments, bonuses and travel expenses;
            • Preparing notifications to the German Social Security Administration;
            • Preparing all certifications and applications;
            • Supporting you during income tax and Social Security audits;
            • Creating statistics (e.g., an overview of hourly wages or staff expenses) and direct forwarding of paychecks to employees, either by mail or electronically;
            • Setting up and supporting NREs’ employee income-tax advance payments; and
            • Preparing monthly payroll reports.

            In consultation with you, we will prepare your annual balance sheets and corporate tax returns in accordance with the relevant German legislation. These will be based either on your own accounting reports or on the annual figures you provide – and with due consideration of your special needs for internal control. All relevant documents will be prepared in line with the commercial-law and tax-law provisions for annual account auditing, and will be additionally safeguarded in our digital document files.

            Based on our long-time experience with international corporations and medium-sized corporate entities, we will also prepare your annual financial statements per the individual requests of the respective auditing firm.

            We are likewise able to transfer extensive volumes of data from outside application systems such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Intacct, etc.

            For freelance professionals or trades people exempt from the statutory obligation to keep records, we can prepare your required annual net-income accounts as well as any additional annual financial statements.

            Service components

            • Annual financial statements for ‘balance-sheet accounting clients’ and clients obliged by law to keep accounts;
            • Balance sheets: both commercial balance sheets and tax balance sheets (with Notes);
            • Profit and Loss statements;
            • Electronic publication in the German government’s Federal Gazette;
            • Creation and electronic transmission of electronic balance sheets;
            • Net income accounts according to Section 4 of the German Income Tax Act [EStG]; and
            • All corporate tax returns (corporate tax and business tax, sales tax, declarative statements, etc.).

            The need to value a company or corporate shares may arise for a number of reasons. These include inheritance and gift tax calculations, arranging for a company succession, admitting new shareholders, drafting compensation clauses in articles of association, or resolving disputes. Company and office evaluations are also regularly needed to establish an adequate purchase price.

            We will identify the correct company or office value appropriately adapted to the respective event and based on recognized valuation principles. This will provide you with easy-to-understand and conclusive expert analyses to allow decision making tailored to your needs, such as a purchase or a sale.

            Our commercial consulting services assist and support our clients in all areas of business management, such as:

            • analyses of costs and gross profit;
            • evaluating corporate key figures;
            • liquidity evaluation and liquidity planning;
            • investment consulting;
            • and more.

            Why not also take advantage of our close contacts with major banks? We regularly assist our clients with loan and investment advisory services, specifically regarding taxation. And for corporate reorganizations, we will also be glad to serve as your competent advisor.

            Unlike in the past, audits have become inevitable – not least due to the ever-advancing digitization and resulting transparency even of large volumes of data. Audits become more common as soon as companies reach a certain size or certain income thresholds, or if your enterprise is in an industry permanently under the auditors’ special scrutiny.

            We will gladly support you during any audits your company may face over the course of time — regardless of whether the audits are in-house or imposed from outside authorities.

            Our support extends to audits for any purpose: general corporate accounting, Social Security, external wage tax payments, special sales tax compliance, etc. We will advise and supervise every audit by handling all correspondence on your behalf. Thanks to our long-standing experience in working with auditors, we guarantee excellent service.

            Before the end of 2014 when errors on tax returns were not promptly corrected, erring taxpayers had to pay a minimum fine with interest. Since 2015, payers of non-corrected tax returns have had to pay far higher fines. The thresholds have lowered and the chances of jail time have increased.

            These Government interventions against undisclosed income and questionable tax structures are increasingly forcing concerned parties to get their business affairs in order – even across national borders. And the only way to obtain immunity from punishment for tax offenses is voluntary disclosure. Besides, many taxpayers do not realize a simple rule of the German Fiscal Code – that correcting errors in earlier tax returns must be done immediately to prevent any suspicion of tax evasion despite taxpayers’ best intentions. The formal way out of this dilemma is, again, voluntary disclosure.

            Thanks to our long-standing experience in dealing with the German Internal Revenue authorities, we will assist you in all aspects of subsequent declarations of income. These are particularly important to quickly resolve any misunderstandings and to keep public authorities from taking any action which can lead to non-tax-law problems.



            Our internationally operating clients appreciate our firm as a ‘one-stop shop’: With us, they have a single point of contact for business transactions of any kind, notably between Germany and the US.

            By establishing our branch office in Atlanta in 2010, we again expanded our already excellent expertise in International Tax Law. In January 2014 our branch office relocated to San Francisco.

            Thanks to our permanent local presence in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Rüter & Partner — the only German tax consultancy on the West Coast — has established an extensive, first-rate network benefitting our clients far beyond classic tax consulting services. This is crucially important, particularly to German clients wishing to expand their business activities to the USA.

            We have decades of experience consulting with subsidiaries of multinational corporations, the international hotel and restaurant industry, closed-end real estate funds with complex international shareholding structures, transnational family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.

            • Long-standing experience as a ‘one-stop shop’ firm for all tax and finance issues;
            • The full spectrum of required services: payroll, HR, accounting, tax compliances, cash and payment handling, tax filing, tax structuring, transfer pricing, and back-office support;
            • All forms and structures needed to start a business enterprise, to assist its growth, and to handle its daily administrative needs;
            • Many world-famous clients. We will be happy to provide a list of references on request;
            • Performing our accounting services on our client’s software, provided it meets the guidelines for data access and control of German digital documents (specifically the GDPdU format);
            • Communication in German and English;
            • We are the only German accounting firm on the US West Coast … and we can serve you from wherever in the US you are located.
            • Partners who are sought-after lecturers at conferences on international issues such as taxes and business development; and
            • First-rate networks of partner firms both in Europe and the US — extremely beneficial to our clients operating internationally.
            • ‘One-stop shop’ for German companies venturing into the US, collaborating with our vetted and reliable American partners. These include close German-speaking attorneys (in corporate law, labor law, immigration law, etc.) and tax consultants;
            • An excellent partner network providing very favorable flat rates for establishing companies and drafting visa applications or employment contracts;
            • Rapid and uncomplicated opening of bank accounts;
            • US financial accounting in Germany on US financial accounting software – to maintain an identical time zone and German points of contact;
            • A US office at the German Chamber of Foreign Trade; and
            • Partners on location in San Francisco.



            Ever since it was first established by Peter Rüter in 1983, the Munich office has been located at Elisenhof, directly next to the Munich central train station (‘Hauptbahnhof’). For both clients and staff, this makes our office easy to reach by all means of public transportation. And if driving, a parking garage is in our office building.

            San Francisco

            Our office in San Francisco was opened in early 2014 and is managed by our partner, Jörg Kemkes. Our international clientele now profits from personal consulting services in the US while having access to our excellent networks in the US, specifically in Silicon Valley.



            In our Munich and San Francisco offices, we employ over 80 staff members including tax consultants, tax compliance experts, tax consultants’ assistants, certified accountants, and trainees.

            We believe in fostering a work environment of trust and confidence, making sure that our employees maintain a good work-life balance even during workload peaks. Everyone in our offices enjoys flat hierarchies, mutual respect, recognition of performance, and excellent development opportunities — which translates into very low turnover rates.

            A main focus of our day is training young talent. We make a special effort to show young people that tax consulting and its associated work areas are much more interesting and challenging than they imagined. Every applicant can form his or her own opinion right at the beginning of the traineeship in open conversations with fellow employees. We will teach you not only to become a thorough professional, but to love your work as well.

            And even more important: We offer excellent career prospects. The opportunities for professional development offered by Rüter & Partner are nothing short of outstanding. We stand out favorably in comparison with our peers. Why not come by for a brief meeting to see for yourself the prospects we offer?


            • We work both in Germany and worldwide;
            • We are just the right size to still keep abreast of trends and events while providing many opportunities for specialization;
            • We expressly consider ourselves a training firm — both for our trainees and for all members of our staff;
            • We believe in an open, fair and respectful work environment;
            • We recognize and remunerate performance. Our traineeship pay exceeds the recommendation by the Munich Chamber of Tax Consultants and is way above the average market rate; and
            • We believe strongly in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.



            To us, a relationship of trust takes absolute priority. To receive the best-possible consulting services, a client has to be able to put his or her cards on the tax consultant’s table. But that’s impossible unless all information is treated with the strictest confidence and unless all data and documents are maintained with the highest safety precautions according to the tax consultants’ Professional Code of Conduct.

            But trust is not the only value to which all staff members of Rüter & Partner are committed. Others are:

            • Striving for the highest quality in consulting services;
            • Being open to social and technological changes;
            • The willingness to learn; and
            • Fairness towards clients and fellow employees alike.

            Professionals who don’t WISH TO BECOME OUTDATED must always STAY ONE STEP AHEAD.

            Digitization and globalization are two buzzwords that give an inkling of the upcoming challenges in the field of tax consulting. With business transactions becoming increasingly transnational, it’s no longer sufficient to focus only on German tax law.

            While promising to make things simpler, increasing digitization of tax returns and especially paperless financial accounting are also associated with risks. It’s our job to point out the pitfalls and traps to our clients.



            By establishing our branch office in San Francisco we have successfully built up an extensive and first-rate network of US partner firms that offer services miles beyond the realm of tax law.

            Our US branch office manager Jörg Kemkes’ lecturing activities on International Tax Law and intercultural collaboration between Germany and the US have put our network right at your fingertips.

            Below please find a list of some of the organizations we are a member of as well as a list of trusted partners we are working closely with:

            • GACC

              German American Chamber of Commerce (AHK)

              • ACG Silicon Valley Chapter

                Association for Corporate Growth

                Hier sind wir Sponsor, stellen den Treasurer und haben einen Sitz im Executive Board.

                • GABA California

                  German American Business Association


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